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Our boards are open, and you're invited!
by nothing (ktmcda)
at January 8th, 2006 (04:11 pm)

Spread the word: MUFF is open and ready for action!

Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act
by nothing (ktmcda)
at December 12th, 2005 (10:42 am)

Dear friends,

Last week, a mother in Missouri sent us a partial inventory of her son’s school store. The list includes 109 different kinds of junk food. Take a look at the picture of the school store yourself.

We must do better. Our children are suffering from an epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Federal restrictions on the sale of junk food in school are extremely weak. The definition of junk food is narrow. It includes only sodas, water ices, chewing gum and candies made mostly of sugar. Even worse, the US Dept. of Agriculture can only stop the sale of these foods during mealtimes in cafeterias -- not in vending machines elsewhere in school, or school stores like the one in the picture.

The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act is a good new solution. It will broaden the definition of junk food, and empower the USDA to stop the sale of junk food everywhere in school.

Please tell your members of Congress today to co-sponsor the bill, at:


Together, we can make sure our children have the best chance to grow up healthy and strong.

-- Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert

weresolipsists [userpic]
Operation Home for the Holidays
by weresolipsists (weresolipsists)
at December 5th, 2005 (01:00 am)

Hi! I'm writing to let you know about a little anti-war performance I did
with my family over Thanksgiving weekend. I heard about this lady on the
radio doing it (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5021524)
and we copied it.

We took toy soldiers and put a label on them that says "bring me home from
Iraq for the holidays" and we placed them all over stores -- in Best Buy and
the supermarket - and then customers or employees find them on top of
granola bars or iPods, etc.

The idea is to confront consumers for a brief moment -- to ask them to think
about Bush's approach (failure!) and what they're going to do about it. It
also offers an encouragement to other activists, citizens of conscience, and
military families, in that someone is doing something to bring soldiers

So, it's extremely easy (and relatively cheap) to do! Look for toy soldiers
at your local dollar, toy, or department store, glue them on to some paper,
and write/print "Bring Me Home from Iraq for the Holidays," then walk around
stores and leave them (in)conspicuously on shelves!

We're psyched, we wanna get it in blogs and news media and work a snowball
effect and have this protest-performance-action sweep the nation, and be the
next Cindy Sheehan anti-war strategy.

I've started a blog to keep track of where these are popping up. Please
send in pictures of actions you've done (or seen):

in peace & solidarity,
"Femme Egale"

Post your articles here for "The Open Source Zines [userpic]
Zine #2. is ready: FEMA cancels free water to people with no plumbing: racism, classism, sexism
by Post your articles here for "The Open Source Zines (_stop_ljcutnags)
at October 14th, 2005 (04:32 pm)

Hello community members and all,

I would like to share with you a zine called "The Open Source Classism, Racism, and Sexism Project: Hurricane Katrina, The Blogosphere And Corporate Media... "White People Find, Black People Loot." Zine #2 (second edition with updates from all over the world) of this new not-for profit zine (independent magazine) printable from online is now ready.  This issue talks about many, many issues including the following issues: FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts; African People's Solidarity Committee Statement on Hurricane Katrina; Campus Activism Administration's Agreement Regarding Classism and Racism; Building Progressive Infrastructure:   Taking Friendster and MySpace Down - Building a Noncommercial Non-Sexist, Non-Racist Alternative – by Aaron Kreider, founder of Campus Activism, with responses by many, many livejournal users over the last four days. 

It is only 20 pages long. Please print them out and place them in your home, activist group, local co-ops, local coffee shops, collectives, libraries and other places. In this first issue I included 18 pages, so that you can create your own page 20 (add your agreements, disagreements with this publication, add a flyer for your activist project, your activist group, your distro, your band, etc.,) and then publish this publication as a 20 page booklet on the front and back of 5 sheets of 11" x 17" (or 279 x 432 mm) paper.

What is most revolutionary about this zine, is that it lets everyone in this community, place the issues that matter most to them on page 20 and circualte it along with other news that is not getting enough media attention.  That is the Open Source nature of this project.

There are a lot of privileged (progressive and conservative) people who would like to censor, ignore and sweep it all under the rug, including all the increasing ongoing injustices regarding Hurricane Katrina, but with your help we can make certain that the issue is not censored until those suffering most receive justice!  For those unaware, FEMA has recently turned away charities who want to deliver water to women and children in New Orleans with no pumbling.

Submissions are currently being accepted for issue #3. The submission process is on the zine. Thank you!

solidarity and love for all


On either of these websites http://www.opensource.dsame.com or http://www.campusactivism.org/displayresource-487.htm you will find two issues:  #1 and issue #2 of this zine in both pdf format and document format.  Special thanks to everyone who who spoke up in solidarity and kindness, your supportive and positive comments are appreciated!  The longer that Hurricane victims suffer, the more that privileged people on and off the internet want to ignore those who are suffering (and they will come up with every excuse to do it).  Thank you  :o)


Post your articles here for "The Open Source Zines [userpic]
FAIR: "Racism, in fact, may be gaining a firmer foothold in American media institutions..."
by Post your articles here for "The Open Source Zines (_stop_ljcutnags)
at October 9th, 2005 (03:48 am)

Many people are aware of the article and controversial racial photos found here  and here http://www.boingboing.net/2005/08/30/black_people_loot_wh.html  titled:

 "White People Find, Black People Loot???"

However below are some recent updates: "Yahoo! has posted this note about these pictures: (after they removed the photos for receiving so many complaints)"

To Yahoo! News readers:

"News photos are an especially popular section of Yahoo! News. In part, this is because we present thousands of news photos from some of the leading news services, including The Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France Press. To make this volume of photos available in a timely manner, we present the photos and their captions as written, edited and distributed by the news services with no additional editing at Yahoo! News."

"In recent days, a number of readers of Yahoo! News have commented on differences in the language in two Hurricane Katrina-related photo captions (from two news services). Since the controversy began, the supplier of one of the photos – AFP – has asked all its clients to remove the photo from their databases. Yahoo! News has complied with the AFP request."

Here are a few of the postings that have commented on the photo caption language:

Flickr      Salon    Romenesko     Gothamist

===========================End of excerpt==============================

For more information about this go here:     http://hosted.planetether.net/referral.jpg


Below are two very large pics and more articles of the "White People Find, Black People Loot" photos.

http://www.boingboing.net/2005/08/30/black_people_loot_wh.html        http://o-dub.com/images/looter.jpg        http://blogs.sohh.com/media_check/archives/2005/08/after_hurricane.html


See also this excellent article published by Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR):

"Racism, in fact, may be gaining a firmer foothold in American media institutions as its promoters adopt more stealthy and sophisticated ways of presenting it."

foud here: http://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/abwwrpeace/2005-06/msg00003.html 
and here: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2487

thanks for your comments
-love for the people


I sincerely apologize for the many links, but since the news item has attracted so much attention, many websites that had the photos, have taken down their photos, so I provided multiple links, to make certain that everyone can see the photos.    Please forward this article.  If the blogosphere can make Yahoo issue an apology for their 'accidental' racism, perhaps some other corporations may see the light in regards to sexism, ageism, racism and other injustices.  Thanks!

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